Vezer 2013 Jude (Merlot)

The 2013 Jude continues our Merlot Month series. It is a wine from one of our local wineries. When I say local, I mean that their tasting room is less than a five mile drive from our home. Were we crows, the distance to Vezer is just a mile. 

Suisun Valley is most noted for Petite Sirah. Jude shows us the AVA can make great wine from other varieties. In a chat with Frank Vezer, he told us about when he first planted Merlot in his vineyard. He had selected a hillside for the vines. Experts told him that it was not a suitable location for Merlot. Frank ignored the advice. Given how the wine tastes, I think Frank Vezer needs to find different experts. Those vines don’t make it bad.

Jude Merlot

Tasting Jude

An intense nose, veritably laden with fruit. Aromas of redcurrant and raspberry rose from the glass. The taste was big but balanced. The tannins were distinct, but  supportive of the blackberry, plum,  and cassis. A refreshing acidity emerges in the mid palate. In a long finish the dark fruits sit on a bed of dust.

Vezer Jude is a Merlot that is a delight to drink now. It also offers enough substance to put in the cellar so then you can start to make it better. 


Vezer sell the 2013 Jude for $60. For that money you get a wine aged for six years. A wine of which every mouthful is a delight. My second favourite wine of the #MerlotMe. The best news, for us, is that it is a short drive to buy more. For those who live further away, you can but the wine here. We recommend you now go and get her. 

Writing about a wine called Jude, I ask you who plays it cool; there is an obligation to weave in references to that Beatles song. 

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