I tasted OsCo tasting at Cask

OsCo tasting at Cask

The Sea Gin whose ingredients include Nori (A type of seaweed) and lemongrass was a more aggressive flavour; one which did not work for me. Several of the other people in the group, however, preferred Sea Gin to the No 5. I think that the Sea Gin was a striking attempt to make a distinct Bay Area Gin; the distillers succeeded, but not in a way that appealed to me. I would recommend St George Terroir as the best creation of a Bay Area taste in a Gin.

OsCo have a great slogan:

We were put on this earth to make booze like nobody else, and God-dammit that’s what we’re going to do.

In addition to Cask, Osco also sells its Gin at some Whole Foods, including the Napa branch.

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