For those of you who follow us on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts you will know we absolutely LOVE The Napa Deli. I eat there several times a week. The food is fresh and healthy and it helps keep me on my eating plan. Being a wine and food blogger isn’t that good for the waistline, so when I am not blogging, I try to watch what I eat. The Napa Deli helps me out with their wonderful breakfasts, salads and To Go dinner entrees. Have you seen the pictures of the gorgeous salads I post? Yum!

tri tip to go (1 of 1)

Often times when I am too tired to cook after a hard day of blogging and drinking wine, I purchase their healthy To Go meals for dinner. Priced at the same level as a fast food combo meal ($6.99-$8.99), these quick meals are a life saver for me.

egg and b bagel (1 of 1)

I am going to talk about breakfast in this post. I really never gave the menu at The Napa Deli much thought as I don’t typically eat in the morning. Recently I decided that I needed to try and make breakfast more of a priority in my life as I am working out and running. (A.K.A. Trying to keep my butt from needing its own zip code.) I discovered that the deli offers plenty of great choices for every taste and diet plan. They have gluten free menu options although they aren’t a gluten free kitchen.

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The Napa Deli opens its doors at 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m. on the weekends. Their menu includes breakfast sandwiches to go, or full breakfast plates. Either one can be eaten in or taken to go; your choice. I often get a simple plate of scrambled eggs with a selection of veggies, cheeses and meat mixed in. It depends on my mood. When I am feeling a little spicy I add their delicious salsa to my eggs.

I am always eyeballing their gorgeous looking bagels, croissants and other pastry items, but I try to restrain myself from ordering them. The bacon is always cooked the way I like it. It manages to be crispy without being a dry salty brittle in the mouth. Eggs are cooked to order every time. They sell good quality drip coffee, juices, yogurt parfaits and fresh always perfectly ripe fruit to round out their selections.

I had the opportunity to try some of the breakfast entrees that they make every day. I thought I would share with you some of my favorites.

veggie bagel1 (1 of 1)

The vegetarian bagel is delicious. An everything bagel topped with sprouts, red onions, ripe tomato, and a cream cheese and chive spread. That combination of flavors is amazing; even for non vegetarians like me.

breakfast burrito (1 of 1)

Next up was the breakfast burrito. Served in a tomato wrap, this is one of my guilty pleasures. It is filled with eggs, cheese, potato and your choice of meat and finished off with salsa then grilled. This burrito is so filling, it will keep you going all day long. (I personally order it without the potato while pretending to be healthy.)

eggs and bacon1 (1 of 1)

The Napa Deli does breakfast plates too. Eggs cooked to order, a choice of meat, potato and choice of bread. On weekends they often run breakfast specials like tri tip breakfast burritos, challah french toast, and other goodies.

We have teamed up with The Napa Deli for a Giveaway! Two lucky winners will get a $10 gift card each toward purchases of food and drinks. To win, you have to like The Napa Food and Vine Facebook page. If you invite a friend to like the page, you both get entry into the drawing. The more people you invite and like us, the more entries you get. We will be drawing a winner on Sunday September 11, at 10 a.m.

So spread the love of Napa Food and Vine and The Napa Deli. May the odds be ever in your favor.

tri tip sandwich (1 of 1)The Tri Tip sandwich – yumm

P.S. Don’t forget to try all of the sandwiches, salads and paninis they offer that aren’t so healthy but are oh so delicious. They do catering too!  Just call and ask for Kyle. He will take good care of you.

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