Yes, yes I know, please not another hashtag day mention! Take a deep breath and stay with me on this one.
Though some of these hashtag days are more often than not plain ridiculous their impact can be tenfold. They can connect us with people who have similar interests to us. Often times these strangers turn into wonderful friends.
They have a way of reminding us to celebrate the little things in life… such as a delicious mimosa, a fine glass of Cab Franc, a taco and yes, even Mondays!
Love it or hate it, these so-called hashtag days are here to stay and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. Should we succumb to this never-ending trend of “What day is it, oh let me post #placefunnydaynamehere”? Or should we ignore the trend and dance to our own tune?
We have decided to do a bit of both and put together our own calendar of wine, food, alcohol and other days that work for us.

The Ultimate Wine, Food & Fun Social Media Calendar 2019




Washington Wine Month



Oregon Wine Month, #ORWineMonth


Idaho Wine Month#IDWine#IDWineMonth



Rosé Month


California Wine Month#CAWineMonth Illinois Wine Month#IllinoisWineMonth Missouri Wine Month#MOWineMonth North Carolina Wine and Grape Month#NCWineMonth


Virginia Wine Month#VAWineMonth Pennsylvania Wine Month#PAWineMonth Texas Wine Month#TXWine


  • Nov 3 – National Sandwich Day: #NationalSandwichDay
  • Nov 4 – Candy Day: #NationalCandyDay
  • Nov 7 – International Merlot Day
  • Nov 9 – Wine Tourism Day
  • Nov 12 – National Happy Hour Day
  • Nov 13 – Kindness Day: #WorldKindnessDay
  • Nov 14 – TAPAS International Tempranillo Day (second Thursday of November)
  • Nov 19 – #International Mens Day
  • Nov 20 – National Zinfandel Day (third Wednesday of November)
  • Nov 21 – Beaujolais Nouveau Day (third Thursday of November)
  • Nov 24 – Carménère Day
  • Nov 26 – National Cake Day: #NationalCakeDay



  1. I will keep this list close to me. I am always wondering “what day it is” when I need a little inspiration for social media posts. This covers off the topics near and dear to us! Thanks for sharing this.

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