Next Monday is National Margarita Day. This such an important event that my office is shut for the day. Alright, the official reason for the closure is to mark Presidents’ Day, but I think that Margarita Day is a good reason to celebrate.

California Girl comments: I would poke fun of The Brit for his celebration of National Margarita day, except he isn’t being honest with you here so I feel the need to “call him out” in front of all of you. You see dear readers, even though The Brit is well, a Brit, he celebrates Presidents day more than most of us do. No, he doesn’t normally throw Margarita parties on this day each year. However, he is an avid scholar of all things Presidential (which goes perfectly with alcohol) and each Presidents day he gets a new Presidential biography from me to read. Yes, it is very nerdy, but it is oh so him. This is the book he is getting for his very large collection this year…

We posted an article and recipe for a Margarita back in July last year. Therefore, I thought that this week’s cocktail post should be a variation on the second most famous Tequila drink; the Tequila Sunrise. I first drank this when I was a student and it may have been my first cocktail; I certainly drank it several years before my first Gin and Tonic.

This variation on the Tequila Sunrise adds mango juice to the orange juice. Given the difficulty of squeezing mango, we went with a frozen approach.

Mango Tequila Sunrise

2oz Tequila (I used Kirkland Añjeo Tequila)
3oz Orange Juice
3oz Mango
1oz Grenadine

Put the tequila, orange juice, mango chunks, and ice in a blender. Blend until you have a slush. Pour into an old-fashioned glass. Slowly pour the grenadine into the glass at the edges, so that it slowly marbles and sinks to the bottom. The way that the orange and red mix gives the cocktail the sunrise name

The mango margarita/tequila sunrise cross is a fruit heavy, refreshing cocktail. I think I will call it a Mango Sunrise Margarita.

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