Cadle Family Rosé of Sangiovese

In the US summer traditionally starts with Memorial Day. This year, the temperature soared into the 90s as the long weekend arrived; hitting triple figures by Tuesday. With long days of sunshine upon us, our thoughts turned to Rosé.

Amber lists Sangiovese as her favourite grape, so starting the season with this varietal was an easy choice. We purchased the bottle as part of a mixed case, after Amber met the winemakers at an event.

Knights Valley

Knight’s Valley is an AVA in Sonoma County. It borders the better known Sonoma regions of Alexander Valley and Chalk Hill. It is the warmest and most easterly region in Sonoma County. Gaining AVA status in 1983, Cabernet Sauvignon is the most planted grape, along with the other Bordeaux varieties.

The AVA has 2,500 acres of vines, with most of those grapes used by wineries based elsewhere in the County. Ledson Winery, about whom we wrote in 2018, use fruit from Knights Valley. This includes Sangiovese, which we did not get to try on that aforementioned visit.

Cadle Family Rosé of Sangiovese

Tasting Cadle Family Rosé of Sangiovese

The wine was salmon pink in colour. The nose was of lush, ripe strawberries. This is an aroma I associate with summer. Especially, as we  live in Suisun Valley, which along with the acres of vineyards, has fields of strawberries and cherry orchards. Roadside shacks sell freshly picked fruit, which always tastes so much better than store bought produce.

The first impression upon taking a sip was of lemon and apple. The dry wine exhibited good acidity. Not that this wine is austere, lush fruit flavours lasted through to the finish, in which a hint of white peach emerged.

Both Amber and I loved this wine. We ordered another four bottles, with a pair of the Cadle Sangoivese red wine to fill out the half case. The wine sells for $28 a bottle.


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