During my birthday week, one of my most favorite people in the world drove all of the way from Redding, Ca to spend time with me. She’s so sweet, and she spoiled me rotten. We went to downtown Napa and had lunch and a fun ladies day wandering around the shops and enjoying the beauty. Shopping makes a girl hungry and well, we were at The Oxbow Market, so we decided to treat ourselves. The pastry case at Ca’ Momi was calling our names.

This was absolutely perfect girlfriend to help me explore a new place for the blog that serves pastries and treats. She makes professional wedding cakes and confections, so she’s a difficult person to impress. I sweat bullets every time I bake for her. She’s that good.

I bought us a set of four mini treats: A chocolate mousse filled shell, an traditional profiterole, a mocha profiterole and a mini fruit tart.

We went outside on the patio and laid the treats out before us, each of us inspecting them carefully. They were beautiful little works of art and we were both impressed. They certainly looked delicious. I really liked the fact that they used organic ingredients to make them. That earned Ca’ Momi a gold star in my book.

Biting into the cream filled chocolate shell, we were overcome with joy.  The soft creamy mocha mousse with an espresso bean on top for crunch was a great combination. We loved this bite.

Our second treat was a traditional profiterole. Biting into this one, we were both impressed with the lightness of the pastry, the cream and the chocolate glaze layer on top. I would call that one a winner for sure. It was really delicious.

The next bite was a mocha filled profiterole. We really loved this one. It had great flavor and texture. It wasn’t overly sweet and it hit all of the right notes for us both.

Our last bite was the mini fruit tart. This one was just ok. The fruit was beautiful and fresh, but the flavor of the tart shell wasn’t great. It tasted a little stale. This was a matter that it looked way better than it tasted.

All this being said, it was a really nice thing to share some desserts and a cup of afternoon coffee with a good friend. Although these treats are on the expensive side, I would give Ca’ Momi a big thumbs up.



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