This week we continue our exploration of the Locations series of wines, with a red wine from Spain. The label bears the single letter ‘E’, for España. Let’s find out how this Locations E wine fares against the others…

The nose was of medium intensity and the initial impression was of a mustiness. A couple of subsequent sniffs revealed aromas of vanilla and blue cheese. That bouquet did create high expectations for the tasting. However, the wine was far more enjoyable in the mouth than those aromas had led us to expect. There was a lack of fruit, but the wine had a lush mouthfeel with a great balance between acidity, tannins, and flavour. The finish was medium plus in length and here for the first time, there was a hint of fruit.

The Locations E wine is very much a blend; combining several different varieties from multiple regions. The grapes are Grenache, Tempranillo, Monastrell, and Carignan. The regions from which the fruit is harvested are Priorat, Jumilla, Toro, Rioja, and Ribera del Duero.

Despite the lack of initial appeal on the nose, this was an excellent and enjoyable wine, as long as you are happy with red wine in which fruit flavours are all but absent.

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