Introduction to Wine Block

When I was asked to sample Wine Block, I didn’t hesitate. A product that prevents teeth and lips from staining when you drink red wine? A must have for any professional or enthusiast wine drinker! But for people like my David with poor enamel on his teeth, this product can eliminate embarrassment from having a horribly discolored smile.

I was a little skeptical at first, an all natural product that will protect his teeth from red wine stains? This I had to see! We had used Wine Wipes in the past but those really didn’t help that much.

Americans may not know who Phillip Scofield is, but he’s a British TV presenter.  He took a picture of himself with wine-stained teeth. It isn’t terribly nice to look at.  Teeth look horrible, grey-black. That is a big no-no here in California where teeth are noticed!

So what does one do? Stop drinking red wine? Being wine writers makes that choice a little difficult.  When we spoke to our dentist he told us that constant brushing isn’t the answer because that weakens the enamel further and the acid from the wine needs a chance to neutralize in the mouth.

The Test

This was just one of the many after parties that we attended at the conference. This is after tasting wine all day – you get the idea!

To give this product a real test, we took it to the 2018 Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla Washington as we knew that we were going to be drinking ridiculous amounts of wine. (Of course, we are professionals and spit – ha!) I wanted to see just how this product would hold up.

The Result

I would say that overall its a fantastic success! It is a little hard following the directions and reapplying after each glass of wine. Also, in a professional tasting setting, there is a very very light flavor of mint, so that doesn’t work well when you are trying to focus on the flavors of wine on the palate.

Even after drinking red wine sangria with blackberries Wine Block helped to prevent teeth staining!

After it was all tested, David’s teeth were less stained for sure, and when he brushed his teeth later, the stains didn’t need multiple brushings to remove it all.

I too tried the product, although my enamel is normal and I don’t get terrible staining on my teeth. I found my teeth looked brighter and whiter even after drinking copious amounts of wine.

If you would like to try Wine Block for yourself, you can purchase it on their website.


  1. sounds like a great idea, but reapplying after every glass could be a pain – and surprised there is a flavor associated with it- can impact the flavor of the wine.

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