We stumbled upon this little tasting room on the same day we visited All Seasons Bistro who serves amazing gourmet burgers (See our post about them here). We were all in a great mood, so when we found Vermeil Wines and the warm and friendly Mary Sue who was our hostess, we had to give it a try.

We had been to this winery many years ago. At that time, it had a cool beehive built into the wall. It was also filled with candles that were made from the beeswax. The bees and candles are gone now, but the good wine remains.

The Brit comments: The wine was better than I recall, although since our previous taste had been nine years before, I would not put too much stock in that recollection. Back then the winery was called “On the Edge”; some of the wines they sell still bear that name; notably the Charbono.

Vermeil football (1 of 1)

Now, the tasting room is filled with football decor; paying homage to its owner and legendary football coach Dick Vermeil. It is an interesting idea; football and wine. It isn’t a natural combination, but hey, the wine is good so maybe it will appeal to sports fans.

The Brit comments: By football, California Girl, means the American sport in which very little of the game involves feet kicking the ball.

The tasting room manager and part owner Mary Sue was both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the wine. We really had no plans to have a tasting, but she didn’t have to twist our arms too much to enjoy what was on offer.

The Brit comments: I know that it seems unlikely that we would enter a wine tasting room with no intention to sip, but we were just planning to show our guest the previously mentioned beehive. In its absence we covered our disappointment by agreeing to a tasting; when life gives you grapes make wine.

Vermeil wines (1 of 1)

Starting with the 2014 Vermeil Chardonnay $42 from Russian River, this was a nice little sip with notes of vanilla and soft acidity.

The 2012 Luvisi 1908 Zinfandel $42 had a nose of ripe berries. I loved the fullness in the mouth with notes of caramel and brown sugar with a slight pepper finish.

The Brit comments: 2012 seems to have been a great vintage throughout Napa Valley and this wine was no exception. It is a classic expression of Napa Zin, with a mouthful of dark fruit accented by spice. The 1908 refers to the year that the vines were first planted. There is no formal definition of what represents “Old Vines”, but I think that anything planted in the year that The Cubs last won the World Series definitely qualifies. It is well worth the asking price.

The 2011 Fredani Vineyard Zinfandel $42 was a smooth lush wine with a soft tannic finish. I really enjoyed this taste.

2010 On the Edge Charbono $46 medium bodied wine, full of fruits on the palate with a very dry finish. This wine needs some age so it can truly show its full potential.

*2002 Jean Louis Vermeil $255 is 80% Cabernet and 20% Cab Franc. A smooth lush sip with a mouth of blackberries and round gorgeous flavor. I absolutely adored this wine. It is a bit spendy, but worth the price for a special occasion bottle.

We really enjoyed our tasting at Vermeil Winery. We will definitely return soon.

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