During the last few hours touring Prague one of our group noticed an underground restaurant being advertised as we passed by. He was so taken aback that he called us over to have a look. Triton Restaurant is located right off Wenceslas Square in the cellar of a building and had been “built” around 1912. The thing that made it truly spectacular is that the entire ceiling of the restaurant was covered in stalactites. Stalactites are natural crystal formations on the ceiling of caves.

When we looked at the menu we were intrigued. It was a fine dining restaurant and it looked amazing. As it was late lunch time and our last meal in Prague we decided to treat ourselves and try it out. They had traditional Czech cuisine with a fine dining twist.

We descended the stairs and were all in awe. The restaurant was absolutely stunning. The ceilings were covered in stalactites and the decor was done in 1920’s style. Beautiful Art Nouveau features like the lighting and the stained glass added to its beauty and charm. The tables were laid out with formal place settings and the ambiance of the place was truly romantic. I was just sad that The Brit wasn’t there to enjoy it with me as we both have a deep love for Art Nouveau, natural wonders, and food. How much more perfect could it get?

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The menu at Triton was actually far more extensive than the sample menu that was advertised on the street. We were very excited by the sounds of the seasonal pumpkin menu. As one of our group needs to eat gluten-free food, it was so nice to have a menu where gluten was clearly labeled in the dishes on the menu.

Our waiters were very charming. We had the restaurant almost to ourselves as it was an odd time of day. Our waiter made sure that he was taking good care of us, yet left us alone to enjoy the beauty of the space.

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To drink what else could I order other than Czech wine? I had a glass of 2010 Ruladske Modre-Moravina, Valtice from the Mikulov region. It was very enjoyable: good acidity, smooth and medium body, and perfect with food. When the waiters found out I was a food and wine blogger from Napa they brought me a bottle of Californian red wine and asked me if I knew it. I tried not to chuckle as they presented me with a bottle of Robert Mondavi.

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I started off with the pumpkin salad. It was a stunning dish. Pumpkin and spiced poached pear with mixed greens and roasted pumpkin seeds. It was a joy in the mouth and honestly it was the first salad I had eaten since my arrival in Europe. It was like heaven.

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One of my friends had a bowl of the pumpkin soup. It was rich, creamy, and savory. We all loved how the soup was finished with a bit of balsamic reduction, roasted pumpkin seeds, and olive oil. It was outstanding and my friend was truly happy with her selection.

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For my lunch I ordered the Czech special pasta dish named after a famous comedian; Vlasta Bruian’s Noodles with roast chicken with apples and almonds. With such an unusual combination I had to try it out. I was served a bowl full of narrow egg noodles and in the layers were red and green peppers chopped finely. On top were grilled pieces of chicken and roasted sliced apples. It was then sprinkled with almonds to finish.

For me the chicken was overcooked, but I believe that is the traditional way of cooking it as opposed to a cooking mistake. It wasn’t killed nor devoid of any flavor, just a little more cooked than I like and not quite tender. The rest of the dish was good, but I feel it was missing an element that would take it over the top for flavor. It is hard to comment on the dish to be honest as this was a special dish made for a specific person as opposed to a recipe that one could compare to how it is prepared elsewhere. What was nice was the combination of the roasted apple, the peppers, and noodles together. The noodles were cooked beautifully and were plentiful on my plate. I couldn’t finish it all.

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My friend keeping to the pumpkin theme had the pumpkin risotto. It was gorgeous. Full of pumpkin, mushrooms, and cream; I kept hearing mmm’s from her side of the table. Not only did it look beautiful, but the layers of flavor in the mouth were really lovely. That one got the big thumbs up from me.

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The last member of our group had traditional beef sirloin in cream sauce with cranberries and Carlsbad dumplings. I have to say that the presentation of his dish was a wow! The cranberry sauce was served in a well of whipped cream which just made it pop to the eye. There were thin slices of meat in a rich gravy and beautifully spiced dumplings to finish the plate. I didn’t taste it, but it sure looked delicious! He had a huge smile as he ate and was really excited by his food.

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Desert didn’t disappoint either. We ordered two desserts to share between the three of us. I ordered the chocolate torte with sour cherries and mango ice cream. It was really outstanding. The chocolate cake was flourless and had a consistency between a mousse and a cheesecake. It was rich, dark, and creamy. What was truly outstanding was the contrast of both the sour cherries and the mango ice cream. I would have never put that combination together, but it was amazing. Finished off with a wafer of dark chocolate, I really enjoyed every bite.

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My companions chose the Creme Brûlée. It was a really great example of the dish; it was all class with beautiful vanilla pods throughout giving it the wow factor.

I would highly recommend that you visit Triton when you are in Prague. Spectacular surroundings, great food, and beautiful service makes this more than just a tourist place to dine. The glitz may draw you in, but the food will make you happy you splashed out. The meal for the three of us including wine came to about $90.00. Exceptional value for the quality of what we had.

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