On a lovely Saturday adventure in Sonoma, we decided to stop in and eat at The Red Grape restaurant which is located in the downtown area.

red grape interior (1 of 1)The restaurant has a very nice atmosphere. The space is open and airy with plenty of room. They also have two outdoor seating areas, one on the porch area in front facing the street, and another in the back of the restaurant in a little garden patio area. The patio area is lovely, but sadly it was full, so we weren’t able to dine there. I would highly recommend you ask for outside seating if you go there.

red grape patio (1 of 1)Our waitress provided really warm service providing us menus and waters very quickly. The restaurant was fairly busy so it was impressive that she was so on top of our table with fast responses.

red grape pizza (1 of 1)

The Brit and I both had pizza. My pizza was a traditional pepperoni and cheese, and his was a white pizza with prosciutto and arugula. Both were well cooked and tasty with nice sauces and flavor.

red grape wpizza (1 of 1)

The Brit comments: The pizza base was thin, with all of the toppings provided in generous quantities. I thought that the prosciutto was cut a little thick, but that was a minor gripe and did not stop me enjoying the meal.

red grape veggie (1 of 1)Our other dining companions had: A black bean veggie burger that was served with coleslaw, and a traditional club sandwich which was also served with coleslaw.

red grape club (1 of 1)The Brit comments: Both of our guests showed a preference for healthy choices over support for our blogging. When offered the choice between coleslaw and French fries, they both went for the former. Therefore, we cannot report on the quality of the fries; although they looked good on plates we saw being taken to other tables .

The overall consensus of our meal was that it was very tasty and filling. Everything looked appetizing when presented and the service was efficient and friendly.

As we were sat right next to the kitchen area, I saw the rest of the food that was coming out of the kitchen and I would be happy to eat there again. This is a perfect restaurant for a casual easy lunch. It isn’t gourmet, but it is tasty and that was just what we wanted.

red grape sign (1 of 1)

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