Our little group of diners ventured out to Walnut Creek to try out the Tapas Bar/Restaurant that everyone is talking about. I think there was a little more pressure on this restaurant than most we go to – one of our diners is from Spain! I also just returned from Barcelona, Spain so the flavors of the country and its hospitality were still very fresh in my mind.

Telefèric Barcelona has that cool, hip modern yet rustic thing going on that so many of the new places are opting for. Something that feels casual yet has little chic touches to let you know that it is on point for today’s style. It is popular for dates, groups, friends and apparently Meetups. Our reservation was for 6 p.m. and I would highly recommend that you book a table because this place gets packed! Note: It is probably not a good spot for intimate dates just because of the noise level.

Our servers were very efficient and solicitous though we were disappointed that our server was not knowledgeable about the basic wines and their flavor profiles. It worked out however, because we all ended up ordering the cocktails which were AMAZING! They were like works of art in a glass. These are craft cocktails that truly deserve the name craft. The Brit ordered a Gin and Tonic, that impressed even him. We ladies ordered the two different types of sangria.

Sangria Barceloneta is a concoction of champagne, rosemary lemonade prickly pear juice and berries. It was served with a sprig of rosemary. Its a great drink if you like the flavor of fruit and rosemary.

The Sangria Ibeza was made with white wine, peach, Pisco, Liqueur 43, elder-flower, and pineapple. The elder-flower was the dominant flavor of this one. We all agreed that we loved the sangria and can’t wait to go back to try some of their other cocktails.

One of the amusing things was a little cart was pushed around to us with tapas bites on them.  It reminded me of the traditional Dim Sum places we have visited in China Town, San Francisco. We all chose something different, and we shared our bites.

On this post, I am not going to describe each bite or dish. I believe that the specials are always changing and it seems as though you’d be reading for a long time if I were to do that. Instead, I am simply going to post photos to help entice you to go for a visit yourself. 🙂



Our entire group loved this restaurant and we give it a rating of Highly recommended. We will be going back to visit again soon!

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