Sweetie Pies Bakery first came to my attention via our friends at The Napa Deli. They carry a line of products from Sweetie Pies. It is rare that I eat dessert, and when I do I am very picky, as I bake at home. I typically don’t enjoy desserts with that bakery flavor. The cakes are always bland and dry. That isn’t the case at all with products from Sweetie Pies. Every single thing I have sampled from them has been awesome.

The Brit first brought me a mini dark chocolate cake one day when it was that time of the month and he thought I needed something to cheer me up. (I think really he was hoping that the chocolate and sugar would stop my evil twin from emerging, he’s smart like that.)

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Their shop is located in Downtown Napa on the Riverfront. The interior has been decorated in an old-fashioned manner, sympathetic to the age and style of the building. It is very charming. They even have little cafe tables outside to sit and enjoy your treat or coffee as you watch the world go by.

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In addition to treats they serve simple breakfast sandwiches as well as soups, salads, and sandwiches at lunch time. I haven’t tried any of these offerings. I need to stop by one morning or lunch time and try those out. I am sure they will be delicious.

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I have sampled several of their chocolate cakes (the chocolate mousse cake being my favorite), the lemon cake, the berry and white chocolate cake, the banana and chocolate cake, and the champagne cake. Both the lemon and the berry white chocolate come in a close second place to the chocolate mousse. I have also served their cakes to company when I haven’t had the time or energy to bake myself. That really says something that I am willing to trust them to be served to my guests. I am just a little bit of a control freak when I am entertaining. (Ok, ok! I am a HUGE control freak with the food when it comes to catering – I will own it!) The mini cakes seem to range from 6.75 to 7.99 depending on what the flavor is. The full cakes were around $42.00

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Aside from their cakes, I have also had both their moon pies and their brownies. Both were good and had excellent flavor. I was eyeballing their carrot cake; I need to put that on the list of items to try, although when we visited the shop, there were many things that tempted me! This obviously needs more in-depth research. Bad for the diet, but oh so good for the sweet tooth.

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There are so many great restaurants in the downtown area, it is nice that there is a place where you can grab a little treat and a cup of gourmet coffee and sit and enjoy. One can’t live on wine alone. Coffee and chocolate are also essential for good health and well being. Right?

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