Sosie Wines

Disclaimer: We received the Sosie Rosé reviewed here as a sample.

Sosie (pronounced: so-zee) is French for doppelgänger. Google Translate providing a German word when asked to translate to English.

Sosie wines source fruit from four vineyards; two in Napa and two in Sonoma. We reviewed the Rosé of Syrah. The grapes for which came from the Vivio vineyard in Somoma County’s Bennett Valley.

The Syrah was co-fermented with Roussanne. Co-fermentation is a process where the grape varieties ferment together. This differs from the more common process where each variety ferments separately before blending. The Roussanne softens and rounds out the Syrah. The wine then spends twenty months in 50% new oak.

Tasting Sosie Rosé

The Sosie Rosé is an orange tinged salmon in colour. The nose offered a mix of melon, strawberry, and grapefruit. There was a hint of tin to back up the aromas of fruit.

At first the wine had a soft mouthfeel, with a sense of cream. However, Syrah is not a softly spoken gentleman. Thus,  in the mid-palate the wine revealed a more complex character. There were flavours of kumquat, a mineral backbone, and a touch of lime.

With summer on the way, this is an ideal BBQ wine. Especially as it is more robust than many rosé wines. It serves as a reminder that a good rosé can be easy to drink, whilst having character and complexity.

The Sosie Rosé wine can be purchased from their website for $25.

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