We have written previously about our visit to Silver Trident, a tasting room in Yountville that combines wine tasting with a Ralph Lauren showroom. We were invited back for a Christmas event. Earlier in the week we had tasted some excellent Pinot Noir, so I was curious to see if the Pinot from Silver Trident was as good as I remembered and if it stood up to these recently sampled wines. Spoiler: Yes it did.

California Girl comments: I too felt that it lived up to my memories and if anything, their new wine line up made me even more enthusiastic. I love Ralph Lauren and the gorgeous atmosphere. At the party, they even had a classical guitarist playing in the background. It was really lovely.

California Girl comments: One of the things I really like about Silver Trident is the people. They are always so friendly and warm. I always feel like I am entering someone’s lovely home when we visit. The decor and little touches make it feel homey rather than a “tasting room”. The people are gracious and have always made me feel welcomed and comfortable.

The seasonal additions to Silver Trident’s tasting room were subtle and understated; the largest change was a beautiful Christmas tree in the sitting room area. My favourite part of the decor, which was not Holiday related, were photographs of early Twentieth Century racing cars. There were examples of these in the sitting room and the re-decorated loft area.

We were served small appetizers as we walked, talked, and tasted. The plating and appearance of these items was first-rate; the flavours were even better. The short-rib bites were my favourite, although I think that the spice was overly intense for the wines on offer.

California Girl comments: I disagree on both points. My favorite was the smoked duck bites with a spicy aioli sauce followed by the short rib tart bites. I thought they paired beautifully with the wine. Especially the new addition Playing with Fire. I could pair that one with dirt and it would taste great. (just kidding)

Silver Trident call their Sonoma Coast Pinot, “Benevolent Dictator”. We were tasting the 2014. The nose was instantly recognizable as Pinot, with the fruitiness of raspberry merged with notes of cola. The first sip splashes blackberry into the mouth, which is followed by a swirl of vanilla that is speckled with hints of cumin. The wine was a splendid accompaniment to the smoked duck bites that were on offer.

The second red wine that I tried was the 2013 “Playing with Fire”; a Napa Valley Malbec blend. The colour is a mid tone purple. The nose is dominated by a luxuriant blackcurrant. The taste is a mix of blackberry, pepper, and black-tea that combine with a subtle acidity to make a wonderful first impression. The finish is heavy tannins on the tongue that are softened by luscious strawberry. Already in its youth this wine combines an immediate appeal with complexity that suggests a potential to age into a classic.

California Girl comments: This is my new favorite of their lineup. For me, it was one of those wines that you could drink for any occasion or no occasion at all. I loved the round fruits and the subtle spices. I bought several bottles after tasting it!

California Girl Comments: For those of you who haven’t been to Silver Trident, we’d highly recommend a visit. Beautiful setting, paired bites of food with your tasting, and great people. It is located right in downtown Yountville near all of the famous restaurants. It’s so worth a visit!

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