I am very lucky to be married to someone who is a true romantic at heart. He is constantly planning little getaways and excursions for us to enjoy together. One little surprise getaway he took me away  to The Ritz-Carlton Hotel/Resort in Truckee, California. All he told me was that it was going to be cold where we were going. I threw a few things into a bag (the essentials like wine and champagne) and we headed off for an adventure.

We arrived at the hotel complex and I was very impressed. Holy Moly it was beautiful and massive. We were there mid-week, right before high season kicked in, so the place was very quiet. I felt like we almost had it to ourselves. From the architecture and decor, this place screams luxury lodge.

The staff was pleasant and efficient. During our entire stay the staff were beyond solicitous to us. There was no sense of the place being stuffy or snobby. It was just warm hospitality all the way through. I really liked that.

Our room was lovely; tastefully decorated with warm colors and a fireplace; everything was comfortable and cozy. The bed was just the perfect softness; the sheets and duvet were both high thread count which made them like silk against the skin. There were a variety of pillows on the bed so that you could pick and choose which would give you the most comfort. Our view overlooked the mountains and pool area. We did have a tiny balcony but it was really too cold to use it.

The bathroom was modern with a nice deep bath for me to soak in and wash away the stresses of…um I can’t remember what those stresses were There was also a separate shower (big enough for two). The quality of the towels were great and they provided more than enough. There were quality bath and shower products to use and feel spoiled and pampered during our stay.  Of course there were also slippers and bathrobes provided to make sure we didn’t catch cold as we lounged around.

Venturing out into the hotel room there is a huge stone fireplace that dominates the “Living room” area. It was so pleasant and comfy that we ordered cocktails at the nearby bar and just lounged there for a while taking in the gorgeous view. Even though this was a short break, I could feel my stress just melting away being there in that beautiful peaceful atmosphere.

The outdoor area has a nice pool and outdoor barbecue restaurant/bar. The food looked like basic outdoor pool fare but it looked nicely prepared and plentiful. We spent some time out enjoying the afternoon sunshine. We didn’t sample the food, only the cocktails, which were excellent. I had my normal Gin and Tonic and The Brit had a Martini.

It was time for us to get ready for dinner, and our reservation was off property at one of the wonderful local restaurants in town. After dinner, we headed back and grabbed one of the bottles of wine I had packed and headed for the fire pits. Sipping wine by the fire with the person you love is heaven. The hotel also offers all the fixings to make s’mores. They even have a staff member there to help you to get your marshmallows the perfect toasty brown. Mmm. Other people joined us around the fire pit. It was so nice. Everyone was charming and we all chatted nicely as we soaked it all up.

Our bottle of wine was finished, but the night of romance wasn’t. We headed to our room to enjoy the fireplace, bath tub (which we both fit into), and some champagne. You get the picture *wink wink*.

In the morning (late) we headed over to the main restaurant Manzanita for brunch. It’s a beautiful space with a theme of fire. The huge picture windows looking out over the resort. Another wow. We noticed as we walked through the restaurant to our table what a beautiful wine-cellar they have; displaying amazing looking bottles. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite late enough to justify wine with our meals, so we settled instead for Mimosas.

Like everywhere else in the resort we received amazing service from attentive staff. The Brit, ever predictable, ordered French toast and bacon. I ordered a simple breakfast of eggs and bacon and it came with toast and wonderful potatoes. Yes, the food was expensive, but no more than what other hotels charge in the area. Our brunch dishes were about $20.00 each.

Alas our short break was at an end and it was time to head down the hill towards home. As we picked up our car from the valet, we were offered assistance with directions and maps along with bottles of water for the journey home. Classy all the way through.

We would highly recommend The Ritz-Carlton in Truckee for a break or a ski holiday. In fall and spring (low season) they have great deals for midweek breaks saving $100’s on the rooms there. The place is special enough to splurge on any time of year..


  1. How wonderful that you do those little excursions! And I love your essentials! Those would be mine also! The place looks amazing.

    • California Girl Reply

      Thanks Lori, we had a great time. The place is amazing. I’d love to go back when its snowing. I can’t even imagine how amazing it would be then.

  2. Love the photos, descriptions and details of your post. Lovevto visit the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Truckee. Sounds wonderful!

  3. California Girl Reply

    Greg, thank you for commenting. If you saw the wine cellar/room at Manzanita you’d be wow’d! The whole place is luxury and romantic. There were surprisingly great restaurants close by too. The drive up you can stop at any of the cute towns. It’s becoming a wine place up there. I imagine we will be talking more about that area in the future. Cheers!

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