Chocolate. Is there any other flavor that is as satisfying as rich, dark chocolate melting on your tongue? I think not!

Chocolate desserts can be a trifle boring…chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cream pie, chocolate cake…the list goes on. And if you think about it, most every cook can whip up any of those recipes with basic kitchen skills.

This week, I’m going to show you how to make a dessert so deliciously decadent, that your guests will think you slaved in the kitchen for hours and channeled the spirit of Julia Child herself. I am not kidding.

In previous posts, I have joked about speaking French…and here we go again. You are going to learn to make Pots de Crème. No, it’s not POTS DEE CREAM. Pronounce it like this…POH – DEH – CREM. Practice saying it. Let it roll off your tongue so when you present your dessert to your guests, they will already be expecting a sensual experience when they finally taste it. (I may need to go take a cold shower before I continue.)

Amber comments: Disclaimer: We would like to mention that this is a family rated blog and we can’t be responsible for the aphrodisiac effects caused by making any of our desserts. Just saying. This, however, may be one you consider for a night of romance with your honey – or alone – we don’t judge!

Pots de Crème is served in little pots with lids. You can order them from Amazon, and they are absolutely darling. The reason they are served in TINY little pots is that this dessert is so amazingly rich. You can’t eat a bowl of it. Sometimes, I will serve it in lovely espresso cups, and it presents beautifully. Before I invested in little pots or my collection of beautiful espresso cups, I served this in clear shot glasses. You will need to invest in tiny spoons, but you can find the plastic ones that are silver looking in the party section of most craft stores. I bet that once you make this, you will want to go all out and buy pretty pots and metal spoons for the next time you make it.

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You will need:
a blender and a rubber spatula
1-3/4 cup of mini chocolate chips
1 cup of mini marshmallows
1/3 cup boiling water
2 egg yolks
3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1 TBSP liqueur (I used Triple Sec) – which gives it a light orange flavor. You can also use coffee, fruit, or mint flavor liqueurs to change it up a little.

1. Measure and assemble all the ingredients in little dishes, as this goes very quickly. Measure the water and heat in the microwave so that when you start it is ready to go.
2. Put the mini chocolate chips and the marshmallows in the blender.

3. Add the boiling water and mix well (with the lid on blender) for about 30 seconds.
4. Add the egg yolks and heavy whipping cream and mix for a minute or two until smooth (keep the lid on the blender as it will splash).

5. Add the liqueur and briefly mix.
6. Pour into little pots or espresso cups. Use a rubber spatula to get all of the chocolate out of the blender. If your pots have lids, cover and refrigerate until firm. If your containers do not have lids, cover with saran wrap and place in refrigerator. (The saran wrap will protect the chocolate from absorbing any food odors from the refrigerator.) I usually chill at least 4 hours.
7. Serve with a tiny spoon, and if you like, garnish with a small dollop of whipped cream.

I’m going to assume we all made resolutions to go to the gym at the new year, so I won’t worry about the calories in this one….

Have a great week! ~  April


  1. This looks delicious and fairly easy to make. I love all things chocolate and never find chocolate boring. Thanks for a fun new way to dazzle with chocolate.

    • California Girl Reply

      Its so easy to make and delicious. It also makes a wonderful chocolate silk pie filling. Just put it on a graham Cracker crust or cookie crust. mmm

    • California Girl Reply

      Thanks so much. We always try to make things look as nice as possible using stuff that people actually have in their homes rather than fancy things no one has around.

    • California Girl Reply

      Trust me, its hard to have all of this deliciousness each week on the blog. I always want to make it all. It tastes as good as it looks too!

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