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Disclaimer: The manufacturer New Air provided the NewAir 15” Premium Built-in Dual Zone 9 Bottle and 48 Can Wine and Beverage Fridge reviewed in this article.

Amber and I drink more red wine than white. Thus our trio of wine fridges are set to keep the bottles at 60F (15.6C). This is an ideal temperature for red, but too warm for most white and rosé wine. The domestic fridge goes too far in the other direction at 37F (2.8C).

Our less than ideal solution to this dilemma is to use our wine fridges to store white wine. Then move them to the regular fridge about thirty minutes before we want to open it. Hoping that will chill it enough, but too much. This is not a reliable method for serving correctly chilled wine.

This beautiful little wine fridge  seemed like a far better solution.

Solid wood slide out shelves make storage easy and attractive and dual zones keep beverages just the right temp.

NewAir 15 Setup

Using the word “Setup” makes the process sound far more complicated than it was in practice.

The NewAir Wine Fridge arrived with the door hinged on the right-hand side. A kit is included that enables you to remount the door on the other side. Since the default side was ideal for my needs, I left this alone.

The only thing that I did need to do was attach the handle. This requires a Philip’s screwdriver. I am no handyman, but it was a straightforward process. The only possible wrinkle is that the screw holes are behind the rubber door seal. The instructions drew my attention to this detail.

The only part of the setup that was not clear was how long to leave the fridge unplugged after it was setup and in place. The documentation provided two durations: two and twenty-four hours. Being cautious, I went with twenty-four hours.

NewAir Wine Fridge
Inside the fridge you have pull out shelves on the bottom for wine and racking on top for other softdrinks or beer

Wine Fridge In Use

The fridge is 14.8″ wide , 22.4″ deep , and 33.9″ high (37.6cm x 56.9cm x 86.1cm). Despite this compact size, the fridge is dual-zone. What that means is that you can set the temperature for the lower shelves independently from the upper shelves.

A control panel sits between the two zones. Two digital displays show the temperature in each zone. Buttons to either side enable raising and lowering of the target temperature. There are two further buttons. One switches the display between Celcius and Fahrenheit. The other turns an internal blue light on and off. The light serves no purpose unless making your fridge look cool counts as a purpose.

In the lower zone are three sliding beech wood shelves for wine. Each shelve holds three bottles. The bottom and top of these shelves have extra clearance. This enables them to store champagne or other bottles that are fatter than the standard Bordeaux format.

The upper shelves are metal racks for cans or bottles of beer. I am using it for a mix of beer bottles and cans of tonic water.

NewAir Wine Fridge


This device is ideal for our needs. It sits in the media room, enabling me to drink a beer while watching soccer or baseball. Whilst also keeping white wine at a ready to drink temperature.

Despite sitting next to my chair from which I watch TV; the compressor noise is barely a whisper and does not disturb my viewing.

The compact size is ideal for the space we had. If you want to store more than nine bottles of white wine, NewAir have a full range of appliances. Their largest stores one-hundred and sixty bottles and offers the same dual-zone capability. Based on the quality and practicality of our unit, we can recommend the NewAir brand.

The unit reviewed here is the NewAir 15” Premium Built-in Dual Zone 9 Bottle and 48 Can Wine and Beverage Fridge. Model Number: NWB057SS00.

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