We continue our journey through the wines from Dave Phinney. This week our focus is on Locations AR, a wine from the South American country of Argentina.

The nose was a complex mix of blueberry, pepper, vanilla, and pavement after a spring shower. Taking a sip, we found a medium bodied wine. Sparkling tannins were the first impression, with a delightful pepper tang, and soft leather. There was little fruit, but the overall flavour was enjoyable, with an intriguing complexity and notes that eluded us. Not as readily drinkable as the California wine, but a wine that I preferred.

The wine’s origin and the spice made Malbec an obvious selection for a grape in the blend. There was a lushness that implied it was not 100% Malbec. Checking the data sheet for the wine revealed that the other grape was Cabernet Sauvignon. The latter grape is described as being just a small percentage of the blend.

The grapes for Locations AR are from the Uco Valley, which lies Southwest of Argentina’s Mendoza region; the country’s most famous wine producing region. The Uco valley combines an altitude of three-thousand to nine thousand feet above sea level with two-hundred and fifty days of sunshine a year. The result is an area that provides an excellent climate for ripening fruit. The Locations AR has a recommended retail price of $17.99.

We received this wine as a sample for review.

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