• California Girl Comments: Today I would like to introduce our newest contributor “Girl on a Train”. She is going to bring something new to our travel section of our blog and hopefully inspire you to reconnect, refresh and ride the rails or travel to your happy place. I am so excited she has decided to hop aboard our train!
  • Adventures Await – Journey along with one Girl on a Train as she rides the rails to reconnect to herself and humanity.
  • Mode of travel – train travel is the best and most cost-effective way to slow down and take it all in.
  • All Aboard, The Train is leaving the station!

The years we spend dreaming and doing nothing, rush by; just like the scenery rushing past on this train ride, I’m on. As a recreational therapist and a self-proclaimed #imaworldchanger, I’ve invested so many years in helping others live the life of their choosing and finding ways to adapt the world to their abilities. So many people I’ve poured my mind, body, and spirit into; standing beside them in difficulty. In my own life, there have been too many missed opportunities, days spent watching Netflix, not living – just working, existing, and barely surviving. I forgot to live the life of my choosing, I lost myself along the way.

This forward momentum, with no maintenance breaks and refueling, is bound to lead to derailment, and it did. In 2016 my life train derailed, big time. Life stopped, I stopped. Since that life-changing winter, I’ve slowly re-emerged. I found another train line that I hadn’t stopped to ride before; I began the journey to make myself a priority for the first time in my life. I call this my journey home because, with each choice to be present moment by moment, to slow down and take in the beautiful and ugly scenery of my life, I am learning how to maintain and refuel so I can enjoy the rest of the journey in an upgraded first-class seat.

This blog will capture my journey riding the rails to reconnect with myself, humanity, and our beautiful continent. Come along with me next time on my first long distance ride on the #californiazephyr from my hometown of Chicago, IL. to Denver, CO. See you on the ride!

Girl on a Train…

#adventuresawait, #whatareyouwaitingfor? #nomoreexcuses #thetimeisnow, #slowingdown and #seeingtheworld by #ridingtherales on #amtrak!

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