Dear Readers,

The Brit and I will be traveling for the next 7 weeks around Europe. The first two weeks will be spent in England with friends and family. There will be copious amounts of alcohol and food consumed along with visiting places and seeing lots of stuff. Can you say PUB? We will be blogging all about our experiences and sharing them with you.


We will start off talking about our experience flying Business Class on British Airways. Our flight is overnight so it should be interesting to have the seats that fold down into beds. On our return flights The Brit and I will be traveling separately as he has to return home earlier for business. It sucks to be him! He will be returning to the U.S. on American Airlines, and I will be returning on United. It will be interesting to talk about the three airlines and how they compare for service and comfort.

While we are on this adventure, we will try hard to write as often as possible with older local posts we have been saving sprinkled in. It should give you an interesting mix of stuff to read. The posts may be less frequent, but they should be interesting (albeit a bit drunken). We are hoping to get some guest bloggers in to help us out too!

We are planning on visiting some British wineries (yes, they make wine there with grapes). I am told that they make a very decent bubbly, but this I have to try. Aside from that, The Brit will be sampling as much of the local brew as he can.


One of the places I can’t wait to talk about in our upcoming posts is our local pub The White Horse, in Hedgerley. It is a very special place: as quintessentially British as it gets. The pub wins award after award for its great beer and traditional atmosphere. It will be a very interesting experience for me as they have banned smoking in pubs and restaurants since I was last there. No more walking out of a pub smelling like you rolled around in an ash tray. I wonder what other things have changed since I was last there?

We are going to be talking a lot about food when we are there. (Some things never change.) Is British food deserving of its horrible reputation for being bland and uninteresting? We will take you along with us to sample the local cuisine and let you decide.

After we are done with our drunken debauchery in the UK, I will be flying to Eastern Europe to see family there. I will be visiting The Czech Republic and Poland for sure, but after that I will be playing it by ear with friends and family. I’m planning to on share with all of you as much of that as I can. I have never been there before! I will then be traveling by car back to the UK with friends and visiting the countries in between. That should be an adventure! There will be wine!


When I finally get back to the UK, I will be headed up to Scotland to stay with The Brit’s mother in Kirkcudbright. It is pronounced Kur-coo-brie. She’s an amazing lady and she and I will be enjoying some of the local scenery there. It is very different from most of England, its scenery and lifestyle so it will be fun showing you some of the cool things there. The picture of this castle ruins is right in front of her house! You can see her house in the background.

There will be more adventures, but I am going to share them with you as I go. Thanks for reading!




  1. Hey you guys have a great trip! We’ll be right behind you, leaving October 30 but unfortunately only staying a bit over two weeks. We’ll start in Venice and drive through Slovenia to Zagreb, Croatia, then down the coast to taste great wines, including Mike Grgich’s Croatian winery (Grgic). Then to Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, then home. Can we coax you to hit any of those places?

    • California Girl Reply

      Dang! That sounds amazing! I can’t wait to see all what you guys write! I wish we could meet and have fun. We can plan something in the future!

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