On Saturday we went to Napa, which, as readers of this blog will know, is not an unusual occurrence. What made this trip unique, was that we did not go for wine or fine dining; we went to the cinema. It was the first time that we have been to the Napa cinema; the timings were more convenient than those in Fairfield.

In Napa, even the cinema sells wine. California Girl and I tried a Pinot and Meritage. Neither was memorable; the tasting rooms of Napa have nothing to fear. The bar area had wine glasses, but our drink was poured into plastic cups, which did nothing for the already mediocre wine. Unlike the popcorn and soda, which in the US are served in massive tubs; the pour was small – certainly less than the 5oz standard.

burgerfi signs (1 of 1)

After the movies we ate at Burger Fi. The restaurant sits on First Street right on the riverfront. It has an upstairs terrace, which offers great views over the river. You order food when you walk in, you are given a buzzer, and go back to collect your meal when you get the signal.

I ordered the CEO; two patties made of a mix of brisket and wagyu, with bacon, tomato jam, swiss cheese, and a truffle aioli. The result was both tasty and offered an excellent balance of texture.

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We shared a portion of fries. There were three of us and a single helping was sufficient. The fries were cooked well, fluffy inside and crisp on the outside. The level of seasoning was good.

burgerfi view (1 of 1)

I thought highly of my burger, but, at over $10, it was not cheap. Overall, I think that Burger Fi offers less value for money than its local competitor: The Habit. However, the Napa Burger Fi offers better views than those you will get at The Habit of a Parking lot and Soscol Avenue.

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