National Tequila Day

As a transplant to the US, I believe that I must make every effort to observe important American celebrations like Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and the plethora of National Drink Days. Sunday was National Tequila […]



Pizza in America is food that is often only loosely connected to its origin in Italy. The Mozzeria food truck is an exception; the pizza they serve is a well-crafted example of the Neapolitan original. […]

Wine Tasting

Etude Winery

There is an anecdote about an American tourist in England asking a local about why the railway station was so far from the town; the response was: “They wanted it to be close to the […]



The Margarita is America’s best-selling cocktail. The name is Spanish for Daisy; a style of cocktail that was popular in the pre-prohibition US. The modern Margarita cocktail is not a Daisy, as it lacks the […]