Austin, Texas

Most people have preconceived ideas about places to which they are traveling; I know I did about Austin. Most of them were shattered and I couldn’t be happier. Austin was beautiful and green. I was […]


Champagne Cocktail

We recently wrote about our visit to Napa Valley Bistro and the Champagne Cocktail that I enjoyed. I have tried to re-create this drink at home. There were two significant deviations from the standard recipe […]

Wine Tasting

Luna in May

California Girl and I visited Luna so that we could taste the Chardonnay that is in their May release for wine club members. Luna’s Chardonnay show the versatility of the grape, with a variety of […]

Wine Tasting

Wine Competition

There are prizes that people aspire to win; Olympic Gold Medals, FA Cup Winners Medals, and Nobel Prizes, but these all pale in comparison to the honour that comes from winning the Conn Creek Blending […]